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Rage and Breath Intuitive painting workshop

Friday, April 24th 6:30pm PST

Online - FREE


Sharing Circle | Art Meditation | Breathwork


Come rage with me. Come breathe with me. Your feelings are not too much. Your reactions are not inappropriate. You don’t have to keep it all together. You need and deserve to let it go, to fall apart, to honor your truth.

Bring it all and explore easy, healthy ways to be with the emotions and also allow them to move through your body. Healing happens in community. Please join us.

All Black folx are welcome.

Rites of Passage Intuitive painting workshop

August 13-17, 2021

Pittsfiled, MA


Cure-ator of the  Death/Re-birth stairway


Rites of Passage is a live + virtual house of belonging & remembrance, and a movement celebrating women's lives. 

Each room in the house, represents a stage or theme of initiation from birth to death, using ritual, art and performance.

Together, we are housing the Collective Feminine Soul.

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Healing happens in community.
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