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In collaboration with Embodied Contribution:


So, Now What? Embodied Anti-Racism Intensive

*Sold out*


Arts-based somatic antiracism practice space and powerful liberatory framework training for white allies.

So, Now What? is an 8-week embodied antiracism intensive that combines anti-oppression education and arts-based somatic practice  to propel participants into bold new levels of antiracism work. This intensive is for white allies who are ready to overcome any internal or external barriers that impede their effectiveness as allies. 


Participants will learn a radical, nature-based liberatory framework to ground their intersectional antiracism work in their bodies. This leading-edge framework gently dismantles the common antiracism mentality of guilt, shame, and penance that holds racism in place. Participants will begin to cultivate the mindset of expansive and all-encompassing love - with boundaries - modeled by antiracist leaders like MLK Jr. This mindset is the foundation upon which society-changing antiracism work is built. 


Participants will practice their new level of embodied antiracism in weekly arts-based somatic-antiracism practice sessions. Gentle, one-on-one facilitation will support participants to deepen their connection to the power inherent in each of us to enact change in our world. Participants will leave more grounded in their innate ability to affect change and nourished by the experience of being alive. Participants can share this liberation with those weighed down by systems of oppression. 

In this program, participants will:

  • Learn 7 powerful liberatory practices to revolutionize their antiracism work

  • Use the practice space to build confidence and skill using liberatory practices

  • See the surprising root of why oppression exists and what to do about it

  • Build capacity to have conversations that make a difference with white folks

  • Build capacity to be a nourishing space of liberation for people of color

  • Connect as an unlearning cohort outside of program hours if they choose

Intensive includes weekly zoom sessions, two Deep Dive weekends, Amy's Painting for Healing Manifesto, Leanne's Liberated Being Workbook, and a curated self-love goodie bag from Sacred Paintbrush Arts and other Black Owned Businesses

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