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In collaboration with my glorious sister Leanne, from Embodied Contribution Consulting

When: Saturday, January 1st, 2022

Where: Online

Price: $77-$97 (scholarships available)


Resolutions lack power because they are rooted in aversion. Intention creates powerful manifestations because we move towards what we want with love and a willingness to receive.


This is why intention is greater than resolution.

Do you want more self-compassion and gentleness in your life?

Have you noticed your self-care practices are not actually soothing you or are no longer feeling caring?

Do you want more loving community and connection in your life?

Are you interested in beginning the new year with positive action that is also grounded in radical rest and authentic self-care?

At this event you will be introduced to the creatively healing power of Intuitive Painting to help you accept yourself, your life, and your truth. We will lead you through journal prompts to help you clarify what you truly want and become more open to receive, and soothe away your stress with a group Reiki healing.

Get our exclusive 2022 care package to use during the event! Care package tickets available until Sunday, December 12th!


  • Exclusive essential oil blend for 2022 (rollerball)

  • Intention-setting Jar (crystals, herbs, glass jar)

  • Snuggly socks

  • A chocolate surprise

  • And more!

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