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Discover the creative healing that is waiting for you.


Intuitive Painting is a creative approach to finding clarity around what is blocking you from living the life of your dreams, and learning how to trust yourself to make radical changes in your life.

Intuitive painting creative art counseling

Are you wanting help dealing with a specific challenge you're facing, building confidence, making a life transition, processing grief or trauma, or clearing up creative blocks?


If so, intuitive painting can help!

My Limitless Living Coaching sessions are part liberation-based life coaching, part mindfulness meditation, part expressive arts practice.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what you hope to get out of Limitless Living Coaching and how it can support your growth and healing.

Also available:

Executive-level coaching

Corporate & government agency rates

Private group parties

Date-night specials


Contact me for a quote or book a free consultation

Intuitive painting is a process that is deeply healing and supportive, and is a creative alternative or addition to other therapeutic practices. There is deep healing, power, and wisdom already inside of you. This art-based healing practice is about nurturing your connection and relationship with your intuition in order to more deeply trust yourself, more gracefully accept the unknown, and be more in the flow of your life. This practice naturally brings you face-to-face with your own experience, internal judgements, limitations, rules, and insecurities, allowing for deep and authentic healing.

One-on-one Limitless Living Coaching brings together my personal experience with radical commitment to my heart's desires and life purpose, my 2 decades of mentorship experience supporting women healing from addiction, trauma and self-destructive behaviors, my experience as a Certified Master Facilitator of Intuitive Painting, and my natural superpowers of radical non-judgement and empowerment-focused compassion to offer in-depth support to work through any areas of your life where you need some extra support, clarity and freedom.

This is not therapy, this is a creative way to connect with your own intuitive self and find healing within yourself with loving, stable support, while using the intuitive painting process as your guide to follow your own inner-wisdom

There is absolutely no art or other experience necessary. All you need is an openness to connect to yourself and the courage to be creatively supported.

You were born to create!


Come join me


All sessions are offered virtually over zoom for the time being.

*One month contract (4 weekly sessions) - $210/session

*Three month contract (12 weekly sessions) $205/session

*Six month contract (24 weekly sessions) - $200/session


Acknowledgement: Though Amy has received her certification as a Master Facilitator of Intuitive Painting from Creative Juices Arts where the work and processes used are healing and cathartic, and she has 15+ years of experience mentoring and sponsoring women in recovery from addiction and other self-destructive behaviors, all classes and services offered are not therapy and Amy is not a licensed therapist or clinician.

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