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Dear Black Womxn,
This one is for you

The oppression is real.

It weighs on you.

You carry the weight with grace while being the backbone of support

for yourself, your family, and your community.

All while being the moral compass of America.

You are a black womxn.


Like all people, you have the power to change the things you can and

 the wisdom to let go of the things you cannot change.

In this way, you have the power to defy gravity.


You navigate internalized oppression

(imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, fear of your power, fear of success)

and institutionalized oppression

(scarcity, losing loved ones, the daily grind, backlash when you are powerful and successful)


But still, you rise.

You cannot help but rise because you are built to defy gravity.

You are a black womxn.


But could your rise to freedom be even easier?

Could you rise even higher, with less effort?

Could the process of elevation be even more joyful?


YES! So let’s do it.



Join Defying Gravity, a four-week transformational program of liberation and expansion for black womxn and femmes.


This advanced-level spiritual practice will unleash the next levels of power and liberation you hunger for.


This program will introduce you to a powerful practice called Intuitive Painting that heals subconscious blocks to full self-expression and self-acceptance. Through this practice, Black womxn find themselves effortlessly more bold, confident, joyful, and free to be in their everyday lives; at work, at home, and with themselves. You will receive Reiki treatments to help you integrate using a form of Reiki energy specially channeled to heal oppression. And you’ll do it all in a community of dope-ass black womxn and femmes.


Join us for next-level spiritual healing as we lead humanity to liberation, by Defying Gravity.




Apply here:


We welcome all Black women including cis-women, trans-women, trans-fems, and nonbinary folx who experience internalized sexism as a result of being socialized as “girls.” 




Each session will build upon the week before. All participants must attend session 1, and priority will be given to those who can attend every session.

July 6th - Session 1

July 13th - Session 2

July 20th - Session 3

July 27th - Session 4


Program Offerings

The practice of Intuitive Painting - Learn more here.

Energy healing with Reiki

Bonus: Weekly Integration Activity 



By the end of this series, You will

  • Begin to shed what no longer serves you

  • Begin to see how your judging mind and limiting beliefs impact what actions you let yourself take

  • Begin to be too much in all the ways you really want to be




Free! Thanks to a grant from Pollination Project, Plus

  • A $50 Gift card for painting supplies 

  • A gift box of self-care goodies