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Intuitive painting is a process that is deeply healing and supportive, and is a creative alternative or addition to other therapeutic practices. There is deep healing, power, and wisdom already inside of you. This art-based healing practice is about nurturing your connection and relationship with your intuition in order to more deeply trust yourself, more gracefully accept the unknown, and be more in the flow of your life. This practice naturally brings you face-to-face with your own internal judgements, limitations, rules, and insecurities, allowing for deep and authentic healing.


There is absolutely no art or other experience necessary. All you need is an openness to connect to yourself and the courage to be creatively supported.

Due to the pandemic, all sessions are currently offered over Zoom.

You were born to create!


Come join me and explore the creative healing that is waiting for you


All meetings are offered virtually over zoom

*One month contract - $175 per 2-hour weekly session

*Two month contract - $170 per 2-hour weekly session

*Three month contract - $165 per 2-hour weekly session

*Six month contract - $160 per 2-hour weekly session

Sliding scale slots available by request, based on need and availability.

Corporate and private party pricing available. Contact me for a quote.

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You are Powerful. You are Creative. You are Sacred. Adorn yourself accordingly.


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