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hypnotherapy certification Fundraiser

Why Hypnotherapy?

One valuable aspect of the Intuitive Painting process is the healing that occurs when we go into trance-like states. There is a way that the mind, body and spirit can heal when we are not hyper-focused on thinking, planning, producing, or even logically understanding what we are creating. The hypnotherapy I will be studying will be a powerful and supportive addition to my intuitive painting offerings to provide even deeper healing and transformation

In alignment with the energies of Sacred Reciprocity, I have created special offerings for different donation levels.

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THANK YOU for your support!

Scholarship Donations


To support the self-care and mental health of Black women in this community, we are raising money for ongoing scholarship opportunities. Please donate any amount you feel called to give, or feel free to commit to a monthly donation!

Your donations go directly to Black women attending class who may not otherwise be able to attend.

This fund is being created in the spirit of Dana, the ancient Pali language word describing Generous Giving, which arises effortlessly from deep gratitude.


Donations are graciously accepted from the belief that everyone has an inherent capacity for generosity, and that together we can build and co-create this movement for radical self-care and creative healing based on abundance, generosity, reciprocity, and care, rather than scarcity, fear, and separation.

This funding source also draws on the indigenous value of Reciprocity as a way to maintain balance and harmony in community. This principle honors the interconnection of all beings and encourages a heart inclined toward appreciation, joyous contribution, flow of resources, and right relationship with one another.

$160 pays for one woman to attend class for one month. Any amount is deeply beneficial and greatly appreciated, and sharing this scholarship fund within your community is also an appreciated act of generous giving!

Much love and gratitude

More ways to give:

Venmo: @sacredpaintbrush

Cashapp: $sacredpaintbrush

Paypal: @AmyAlaman

When processing your payment, please make a note that the donation is for the scholarship fund.

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