"Amy was a natural. She was very calm and present. I felt really held, seen, and taken care of."

"I loved the spaciousness to explore on the paper, that there was no wrong way to do it, and that I could just trust that whatever was coming up inside was just what needed to be expressed in that moment."

"Amy was incredible at holding space. She felt like an anchor for me to come back to if my mind/ego started to interfere. Her presence, confidence, and clarity allowed me to really trust the painting process and surrender to the healing that wanted to emerge for me. I knew I was supported and I could just let go."

"Amy was so present, authentic and non-judgemental. She created a safe space and held the group in a beautiful way."

"Amy's expertise was apparent. She provided personal attention and held the space well."

"Amy created, through both her words and her presence, true permission for each of us to be completely ourselves and have our own process. And then she provided just the right amount of support so that I didn't feel alone or lost, but I also knew that I could have a deep experience with myself without intrusion."

"While painting,, Amy was comforting, inquisitive, just perfectly present."

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