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You were born to create!


You do not need any art or painting experience to join us and greatly benefit from this practice.


In fact, skill is irrelevant when you are tapping into your intuitive creative self. In this practice, we put the focus onto your experience, rather than the outcome of painting. All you need is an openness to connect to yourself and the courage to be creative, which will lead you to more vulnerability, acceptance, and trust, both inside and outside of the painting studio.


During this 2-hour class you will receive direct facilitation and support as you paint, so this class is excellent for people who are brand new to the process, as well as those who have a creative practice and would like additional support with their process.

One of the beautiful things about the intuitive painting process is that you are not limited by the tools or supplies you have, or don't have. The process works regardless.


In this class, you can use whatever supplies you already have at home, or can easily buy online. You do need paper of some kind, but other supplies can be totally up to you! In fact, the cheaper and less attached you are to the supplies, the better. I do recommend paints if you are able to, but markers or oil pastels or things of that nature work also.


What to Expect:

  • Witnessing/check-in circle 

  • Brief guided group meditation to get grounded into the space

  • A discussion of the intuitive painting practices and principles for anyone who is new

  • Supportive, radically non-judgemental facilitation while you paint

  • The benefit of shared experience and healing in community

  • A space to practice the principles of trust, surrender, and radical acceptance

  • Completion/closing circle to end class

Come join me!

Intuitive painting classes
Intuitive painting classes

Classes are month-long sessions, meeting once a week

Available sessions:

* Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm pst

* Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm pst

All classes are held online via zoom for the time being.

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*Substances Policy
Because this practice is about coming inward and learning to listen for your intuitive voice, I ask that you not engage in any recreational substance use prior to or during our time together. While some people use or encourage the use of substances in their painting classes in order for people to connect and let their guards down, this practice is about building intimacy and vulnerability with yourself. This mindfulness practice invites you to be with yourself without external influences or altering your state of mind in order to open up.
*If you have medicinal needs or take any medications, please continue to care for yourself and follow your medical professionals advice.

*Returning students tend to keep their spot once they enroll.

Class registration dates:

Returning students - OPEN NOW.

New students - Registration opens on the 25th of each month at 9am.

Acknowledgement: Though Amy has received her certification as a Master Facilitator of Intuitive Painting from Creative Juices Arts where the work and processes used are healing and cathartic, and she has 15+ years of experience mentoring and sponsoring women in recovery from addiction and other self-destructive behaviors, all classes and services offered are not therapy and Amy is not a licensed therapist or clinician. Signing up for any classes or services is acknowledgement of this.

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