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You are Powerful. You are Creative. You are Sacred. Adorn yourself accordingly.


Intuitive painting workshops - Handmade jewelry, art and gifts
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What is Intuitive Painting?

I like to call it meditating with paint. It is a practice of full emotional expression, and we are simply using paint to be present with and express ourselves. This practice is about learning to start listening to your innate, intuitive self.

How many times have you not tried something you were interested in because you “aren’t an artist”?

What if THE ONLY thing stopping you from experiencing the freedom that creativity provides was not your level of skill or ability, but your internalized insecurity and judgement?

Creativity is inherent to each and every one of us, yet most of us prevent ourselves from creative exploration and expression because of insecurities and internal judgements, both conscious and unconscious. But if you are not allowing yourself to be creative, you are not allowing yourself to fully be alive. Experiencing and practicing full emotional expression is the most loving, whole-hearted gift you can give to yourself.

The benefits of this practice begin in the studio and reverberate out into all areas of your life.

It's time to redefine what we think it means to be artistic, and reclaim our intuitive creative selves. Intuitive painting is a trust practice that has drastically shifted how I carry myself in the world, and how I handle the ebbs and flows of life. As a direct result of doing intuitive painting regularly, in my everyday life I simply trust myself and the universe more. I am more in tune with my intuition, and am less afraid of the unknown.

You are being kept small by your internal judgement.

You cannot begin to imagine what is waiting to be created by YOU.

When you learn to stop giving the judging mind all the power, when you learn to stop letting shame call the shots and start listening to your innate, intuitive self... endless possibilities!

You were born to create! Come join me.


"You can paint anything if you're willing to do it badly!"