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What is intuitive painting?
What is intuitive painting?

Creative expression is an inherently healing process. 

Intuitive painting is a creative way to reconnect with yourself, heal trauma, build confidence, and live life more fully.

So what does that mean?

The intuitive painting process is about nurturing your relationship with your own intuition, which builds resilience, self-confidence, and trust. We just happen to use paint to get there.

It is essentially an art-based mindfulness meditation practice, and a practice of full emotional expression where you are using creative expression to be present with and express yourself.

This is not about doing it “right”, mastering specific art skills, or creating a masterpiece. This is about healing and connecting with yourself in a creative way to allow energy to move in your body. Sometimes that means simply loving the color orange, for example, and sometimes that means working through painful feelings and traumas or deep internal judgements and limitations that arise.

The foundation of this process is that your inherent intuition- your mind/body/heart/spirit- knows exactly what it needs to heal and grow, but we often lose sight of this knowledge and self-trust because of trauma, judgement, and societal pressures.

Combining the vulnerability and creativity of painting with the radical acceptance and non-judgement of mindfulness allows you to connect with things you have been storing in your nervous system.


You will connect with your experience from your creative right brain, rather than the logical and linear left brain. By seeing your experience rather than thinking or talking about it, you are able to process things in a completely different way.  This embodied connection to yourself and your experience allows for you to work through and process traumas, issues, and barriers in your life in deeply authentic and long-term ways.

The benefits of this practice begin in the studio and reverberate out into all areas of your life, because whatever internal rules and judgements come up in the painting process are the same ones that rule your life. The intuitive nature of this practice allows for these internal limitations to arise naturally and be worked through in a creative, supported, low-risk way.


Intuitive painting will help you:

✨Build confidence
✨Trust yourself
✨Process uncomfortable emotions
✨Heal trauma/painful experiences
✨Stop judging yourself
✨Reconnect with what matters to YOU
✨Accept and love yourself


You do not need any experience for this practice!


In fact, skill is irrelevant when you are tapping into your intuitive creativity. In this practice, we put the focus onto your experience, rather than the outcome of painting.

Most people who don't think of themselves as artists or as artistic are actually just caught in internal judgement and insecurity about what "art" is, about what is means to be an "artist", and what types of art and expression have value and deserve our time and attention. Or, people who do consider themselves artists tend to get stuck in creative blocks when their judging mind becomes too loud and blocks them from their natural creative flow. This practice is about giving yourself full permission to simply try things, to follow your natural impulses, and to see what happens.


It is time to shift what you may think it means to be artistic, and allow yourself the freedom to express yourself. If you are not allowing yourself to be creative, you are not allowing yourself to fully be alive. Experiencing and practicing full emotional expression is the most loving, whole-hearted gift you can give to yourself. Doing so will completely shift the ways you view yourself and show up in your life.

When the the critical, logical, judging mind begins to run rampant, it can be really difficult and scary to slow down and re-calibrate. It can be difficult to even see that that's what's happening. You may just notice that you're being bombarded by negative self-talk, insecurity, anxiety, lack of clarity, depression, overwhelm, exhaustion, or self-doubt.


But there is a way out.

If you’re in need of more permission to be yourself, to express yourself, to accept yourself, to trust yourself, for the sake of doing just that, come join me! I have plenty of permission to spare.

You were born to create!


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